Why People Resist You … And What to Do About it

  I haven’t seen everything on this site – but what I have is full of good sense. The reason is that the writer is a student. Not enough marketers are – and it costs them a fortune. Don’t let it happen to you. Drayton Bird draytonbird.com Have you ever felt annoyed at yourself at not […]

An Interview With Drayton Bird

    Here’s an interview that was done with Drayton Bird way back in 2009. February 17, 2009, to be precise. There are a few gems in this one if you pay attention. Enjoy. 1.    In your experience, what proportion of the people who enter DM succeed in this business? A. Depends on what you mean. […]

Business Wisdom from Peter Drucker – 21 Top Quotes

I first encountered Peter Drucker’s work in college while doing a course in business. The thing I remember most – the one thing that stood out for me – was that when the American establishment rejected his ideas, Japan embraced them. As a result, Japan implemented the practice of empowering each and every employee. What […]

The Biggest Challenge Facing New Start-Ups

This may come as a surprise to some of you but … The biggest challenge facing new start-ups, online and offline, is impractical dreams. I should know: I’ve suffered from this illness for far too long. People have dreams which are totally impractical. They are constantly saying, I’d like to do this and I’d like […]

The Bottom’s Dropped Out

Straight into it again. Here are today’s questions and answers. Question 1. The bottom’s dropped out of the economy, but it’s now picking up again.  You had a business but that went bust. Every other business you have any connections with also went bust. You have nothing except what’s in your head, and the only […]