Read this first … Ignore at your peril

(This page – and most probably all the others – is a work in progress. Meaning, I’ll update it as and when the mood takes me.)

If sarcasm was money, I’d be rich.

I’ve been called the king of sarcasm. Although, I don’t think it was meant as a compliment.

Sarcasm has been defined as ‘the lowest form of wit’.

I’ve been called a wit before, too. And I’m quite short, so I guess I qualify.

In fact, if anyone is shorter than me, you have my permission to call them midget.

Oh, sorry, was that not not very PC? Tough.

It’s my home and I’ll talk how I wanta. Alright!?

Ooookay, niceities out of the way, here’s what this site’s about …

For a long time I’ve tried to do what’s acceptable, both in terms of marketing in general and writing specifically.

How’d that work out?

Let’s put it this way, from now on, I writes the way I wants and I tells it loike it is.

There may be some stuff you’ll like … and some you don’t.

Such is life.

Or, as the frogs put it, ‘c’est la vie’. (Oh, oh! Not PC? Refer back to lines 6 and 7.)

Will there be mistakes on this site?

You better believe it, Sasquach.

I’ve always been a stickler for grammar and the like. But not no more.

Out the window with you. Or, here’s mud in your eye (I have no idea what that means, but I’m keeping it in.)

Look, the unvarnished truth – and even if I do say so myself – is that I can write in pretty much any voice.

I just listen to the ones in my head and, depending on who’s talking at the time, that’s the voice I’ll write in.

Troof is, geez, I even manijed to fool peeple whoo knows me. No what I mean, Johnny?

I can write in your voice, I can write in his voice, or even her voice.

Heck, I can even write in your voice’s voice, if you’re that way inclined (nothing wrong with a little well-place madness.)

I’ve said quite a lot about this site‘s purpose before, so won’t dwell too much on the details.

I’ll just repeat one specific point here …

… being the opinionated person I am you will see me rant about much more than just business. In fact, I may go completely off topic and rant about anything from politics to food, from management to religion. And don’t get me started on the so-called ‘news’ of the day.

As you can probably tell, I’ll definitely be ranting about one thing or other.

What I can guarantee is, it’s going to get up someone’s goat.

Got a problem? Let’s have it in the comments below.


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