Do You Make These Mistakes In English?

Don’t you just love the old classics? I know I do. Be they cars, buildings, or movies: I think something is lost with technological advances. Sure there are positives and negatives in both, but I feel technology has made us lazy. Anyhoo, the classics I’m talking about here are the old adverts. And, if you’re […]

How Does Your Copy Sound?

Did you know you can make your writing sound more or less powerful just by using the right (or wrong) letters? It’s true. In an article he wrote around 90 years ago, G.W. Freeman concluded that the letter ‘S’ can make your copy sound ‘faster’. The letter ‘P’ can give your copy power. And the […]

7 Things to Check Before You Start to Write Your Advert

1. Before you even start, remember, the only reason for writing an advert is to sell you product or service. It’s not to impress yourself or your friends. It’s not even to impress your prospects. It’s to get them to buy your product or service as a result of seeing it. So don’t try to […]