The Bottom’s Dropped Out

Don’t give upStraight into it again. Here are today’s questions and answers.

Question 1.

The bottom’s dropped out of the economy, but it’s now picking up again.  You had a business but that went bust. Every other business you have any connections with also went bust.

You have nothing except what’s in your head, and the only way you can get back into business is via the web; an online business.

You can use any means at your disposal, but you only have £200 to do it with. You can create your own product, or sell as an affiliate, or any other way you can think of based on the resources you have.

What would you do?

Answer 1.

  • Start a basic website using WordPress. There’s lots of free information on the web about how to do that. Just Google it. (I’ll make it even easier for you by including everything you need in a future article).
  • A knowledge of marketing. Again, freely available. You’ll get a whole bunch on this very site.
  • Build a list. There are numerous ways of doing this. One way is to offer something free on social media sites and forums. There are others I will go into in future articles. This costs you nothing.
  • Once you’ve built a list, offer them your services. As a copywriter, I can offer to write copy or just straight-forward articles. Anything to get the money flowing in. You can do something similar, depending on what you’re offering.

That’s just one example of what you could do. There are others, as you’ll find out in future articles.

Question 2.

You’re a 20 something graduate who left University with a degree, but no education (believe me that’s quite easy to do). You’ve been struggling to find work with no luck, so you’ve decided to go into business.

Trouble is, you’ve only got £200, but you can use any means, online or offline. And you’ve got a year in which to get your business going and achieving some level of sustainable income.

You’re willing to do whatever it takes (this can make all the difference), including studying further to first get the required knowledge and then starting the business.  Or even side-by-side.

What to do?

Answer 2.

  1.   The best time you will ever spend is not in trying to get going in business. It is in study.
  2.   It’s easy to give in to despair. Don’t. Learn. This gives you an incalculable advantage. Most people know too little.
  3.   Settle on something that really interests you. Most people don’t give enough thought to this.
  4.   Be willing to give up a lot to pursue it. Few people make enough sacrifices.
  5.   Don’t just sit around thinking about it. Most people just dream. Do it.
  6.   I would study.
  7.   New businesses that are doing well (not old successful ones).
  8.   How to write better. Few people can do that at all well.
  9.   How to sell face to face (get a job doing it).
  10.   How people are selling online.
  11.   If I saw a business that was doing everything right, offer to work for a month for free.

This is a difficult one to answer as the question is utterly impossible.

The best advice I can give is, don’t give up.


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