Why People Resist You … And What to Do About it


I haven’t seen everything on this site – but what I have is full of good sense. The reason is that the writer is a student. Not enough marketers are – and it costs them a fortune. Don’t let it happen to you.
Drayton Bird


Have you ever felt annoyed at yourself at not being able to say what you mean, even though the exact word is on the tip of your tongue?

Do you find your writing is bogged down in jargon, trying to say something that ends up long-winded? Writing that should be more direct more forceful?

Are your suggestions to others – in person or in writing often ignored?

Would you like to be persuasive? Would you like the power to grab and hold the attention of your audience to have them hang on to your every word?

You would?

Then, on this site, you will find exactly what you need. By following the information on these pages you will write, speak, and even think better.

What you will discover here is something you will not see anywhere else. At least not that I know of.

As you will see, the information here is different to the usual copywriting systems. It is more.

Here I will give you scientifically tested advertising and other persuasion methods.

You will know how to talk to others to persuade them to your way of thinking. And from there you will go on to put those words to paper.

After all…

Writing to persuade is just speaking to persuade in print

Consider this, before you speak, you think. Then you transfer those thoughts into the spoken word.

It makes sense, then, that you should transfer what you speak to the written word.

So here’s my promise to you, dear reader. In the coming days, weeks, months and even years you will discover, here, how to communicate so that:

  • your suggestions are taken seriously
  • people can’t wait for your turn to speak… and are then riveted by what you have to say
  • your views and opinions are always searched out by others
  • your spouse/partner always does what you ask
  • your children and even your parents accept or acknowledge your ideas
  • your clients always give you referrals, gladly
  • your friends and family always give you a positive response to anything you say
  • you arrive at a win/win situation in all your negotiations, in record time

and more…

And of course, being the opinionated person I am you will see me rant about much more than just business. In fact, I may go completely off the topic and rant about anything from politics to food, from management to religion.

And don’t get me started on the so-called ‘news’ of the day.

An editor is one who separates the wheat from the chaff and prints the chaff – Adlai Stevenson

But mainly, it will be about copywriting and marketing: how to drive people to your business – any business – so they can buy from you.

If you’re not making money, why would you even bother to run a business?

Occasionally – horrors of horrors – I may even try to sell you something. These may be my own products or products for which I get a commission.

Hi, my name is Adam.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Even in school, my teacher read out more of my stories in English lesson than all the other kids combined.

At one time he even asked me where on earth I got all my story ideas.

Search me.

I guess I had an imaginative mind. Still have.

I’ve been copywriting – writing to persuade – for longer than I care to remember. I just didn’t know it had a name until 2009. That’s when I became a copywriter, officially.

I’ve studied copywriting and the art and science of persuading in print from some of the top people around.

Drayton Bird, Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton, Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace, Ted Nicholas, Frank Kern, Carl Galletti, Matt Furey, Ben Settle, Joe Sugarman, Ken McCarthy, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Joe Vitale, Kenrick Cleveland, to name a few.

Of those, I studied with and worked for Drayton Bird. And I studied with John Carlton in his private forum.

Then there are the masters: Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy, Victor Schwab, John Caples, Robert Collier, Elmer Wheeler, Walter Dill Scott. There are more, but none comes to mind right now.

Of the classics, I studied with none personally. I’m not that old.

I started selling door-to-door in the late 1980s, on commission only. I sold insurance, vacuum cleaners, perfume, and a few other things I can’t quite recall. And I did it all on foot. No car.

I started this blog on an impulse

After reading about persuasion, some long-buried passions rose to the surface again.

You see, I first encountered persuasion, in one form or another, in the late 1980s when I was listening to Tony Robbins.

It sounded good, so I studied it a bit.

Then I listened to some other people. People who are supposed to be at the upper end of their profession and realised I learned nothing from them.

Now, if you study with the, supposedly, best, and learned nothing, how would you feel?

I know I thought I was wasting my time. And so I left it after about a year or so.

Then I got started reading the aforementioned classics on advertising and they re-ignited a passion. I saw things that began to make sense again. Like when I first heard Tony Robbins.

I read up more on persuasion and sales, among others, and realised that here is something I could definitely add to my copywriting arsenal.

(I’ve been told I’m a pretty good copywriter by some heavy-hitters in the industry, but I always want to be better.)

Now, my problem is, after having been out of the market for a couple of decades, I had to relearn old things. And discover new ones.

Don’t get me wrong, I love learning new things.

So I was literally using blogs as learning tools. I closed some of those blogs down some time back after as I figured I got all I could out of them.

Or so I thought …

Little did I know we can never stop learning?

And so I’m back, putting my thoughts down for all and sundry to laugh at.

It’s tough. But what are you gonna do huh?

So I’ll be using this blog as a diary, of sorts, on my path to further enlightenment.

I know there are a lot of experts out there on the subject, so feel free to put in your tuppence worth.

Now, what you’re about to discover on this site is stuff which, if I had in my possession when I started out, I would have made 10 times the money I’ve made so far. Actually, more like a hundred times more.

As I get into specific details, you should understand this. Every word has power. When you talk to anyone once you’ve said what you’ve said you can’t take it back. Your words will hurt or heal and there’s very little in between.

Same with your copy in print. Once it’s out there and your audience has read it, there’s no taking it back.

Sure, you can pull it and redo it. But the damage is done.

If you made mistakes in your speech or in your print ads, keep this in mind… it isn’t necessarily your fault. And I hope, with the information you’ll glean here, to ensure you don’t make those mistakes again.

As far as this site goes, I’ve arranged it so you can find your way around easily without getting lost.


Just go to where you want to go using the menus on the right-hand side and top. It really is that simple.

Once you finish reading the articles and want to go back to the front/home page, just click the title, where it says Adam Solomon Associates at the top.

I’ve tried to make it so even I can find my way around. So it should be no problem for you.

Do make comments and suggestions under the articles you read, won’t you? And I hope to see you here often.




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